Aka-Oni Izakaya & Ramen was founded in honour of one of life’s greatest strengths: the power of friendship. Whether in good times or bad, we turn to our friends for support and camaraderie, an act that defines our lives on a daily basis.
Our mission is to enable diners to bond with each other over great Japanese food and sake. We endeavour to provide an intimate and relaxing environment where diners can drop their worries and feel safe in the company of their friends. As conveniently located as we are, we aim to serve as the exclusive getaway where patrons can chill and escape. Friendship is paramount, and we want to give it a proper home. To salute the friends that have stuck with us and the new ones we will encounter, Aka-Oni warmly welcomes one and all.




For foodie diners with high-income, and are looking for next level Japanese dining experience, Aka-Oni is a mid-to-high-end Japanese Izakaya.

We provide our target audience with high-quality food, sophisticated and thoughtful ingredient combination and unique taste together with Canada’s biggest sake selection and professional sake pairing. Because Aka-oni has experienced and innovative Japanese chefs, professional and knowledgeable waiters, SSA Certified Sake Sommelier, and the biggest sake collection in Canada


633 Silver Star Blvd #108
ON M1V 5N1



#66 – 550 Highway 7 E
Richmond Hill,
ON L4B 3Z4




Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm